‘I often think of Pipilotti, whose point of view keeps revealing unexpected portals to the divine in my own daily life. It makes me happy to be alive.’—Saskia Spender
‘These are people who dine at the best restaurants in the world and some even have their own chefs and yet they are crazy for these Basel sausages. They are like children with big eyes waiting for their treat’—Patricia Marshall
Bruce Nauman, Square, Triangle, Circle, 1984. Installation view, Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts, 2018, Schaulager Münchenstein/Base. Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, on permanent loan to the Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, © Bruce Nauman / 2020, ProLitteris, Zurich. Photo: Tom Bisig, Basel
‘My favorite part of our Art Basel now is the Sunday before the fair, when Iwan Wirth and I drive from Zurich to Basel to install the booth. To see with our own eyes all of the works that we have planned and figure out whether they ‘dance’ together is simply an irreplaceable experience.’—Marc Payot
Zhang Enli installing Space Painting for Art Unlimited, 2015.
‘Everybody is in another world during the fair. The artists draw on the tablecloths and sometimes burn them with cigars. Some nights everything is taken off the tables and they dance on them. Some artists fall asleep at the table!’—Abdelkar Trabelsi
Installation view, ‘Lee Lozano. WIN FIRST DONT LAST, WIN LAST DONT CARE’, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 2006.
‘I have not missed any Art Basel since the very beginning, which means I have been to 49 of them, if I am counting correctly!’ —Ulla Dreyfus-Best