Amra Causevic

Amra Causevic (b 1984) is an installation artist who orchestrates instances of potentiality through object touch, activations, assembly, and interaction. The artist presents concrete possibilities of play through the physicality and sensory experience of the work, while exploring ideas of walking, memory, place, and migration. Amra Causevic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and currently resides in New York.


Installation of found objects, text, audio
Dimensions variable

‘I’m trying to merge the old self with my new self’—Amra Causevic


Egg cartons, music boxes, sensors, motorized wheels
213.36 x 152.4 cm / 84 x 60 in


Wood, motorized turntable
60.96 x 45.72 cm / 24 x 18 in

Amra Causevic on her practice

Since the studios have been locked down, I wasn’t able to make as much. I had some materials that I was able to bring home. There, I was sewing a tapestry that I’m still in process of making. I continued making what I had before the lockdown, although everything has, like my mental perspective, shifted quite a bit.

Now I’m trying merge my old self to my new self.

A lot of my work is interactive and touch base and often times I ask people to interact with my sculptures and installations.

I think it’s about community and building empathy.

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Hunter MFA

The annual Spring 2020 Thesis Exhibition for graduates of the Hunter College MFA Studio Art program represents works by 19 artist graduates of this nationally noted program. Originally planned as a series of physical presentations at Hunter’s 205 Hudson Street campus in Tribeca, but canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MFA Thesis Exhibition’s digital iteration aims to provide a new, expanded platform for young artists entering the field.

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