Bedside Flowers

Oil on aluminium
61 x 61 cm / 24 x 24 in

In a similar way to how a florist picks and combines flowers from disparate regions on a purely aesthetic basis, Keith Tyson chooses assorted painting styles and associated references which in turn provide a conceptual framework to operate within. The artist collides source material to create a cosmology on the surface of the aluminium canvas, while offering a philosophical and aesthetic meditation on the nature of painting itself.

A vibrant, sumptuous example from Keith Tyson’s complex series of flower paintings, ‘Bedside Flowers’ (2016) elegantly blurs disparate source images and artistic styles. The composition simultaneously recalls Odilon Redon’s still lives, floral paintings by Henri Fantin-Latour and Vincent van Gogh’s famous sunflowers, while the lower half of the intricate vase cites elements from Albrecht Dürer’s iconic ‘Great Piece of Turf’ (1503).

Keith Tyson

Drawing on a wide range of influences ranging from mathematics and science through to poetry and mythology, Keith Tyson has become known for a highly diverse body of work including drawing, painting, installation and sculpture. He is interested in how art emerges from the combination of information systems and physical processes that surround us everyday. Through such diverse explorations the artist seeks to locate us in space and time and reflect the complexity of the world we all inhabit.