Still Life with Flowers and Strawberries

Formica, acrylic paint on epoxy resin, oil paint, fiberglass, urethane resin on panel, stainless steel frame
182.9 x 133.4 cm / 72 x 52 1/2 in

USD 150,000

Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson is an American artist whose multifaceted practice encompasses sculpture, painting, collage, photography, drawing, video, performance and installation. His art grapples with big ideas such as the evolution of human thought, the fatal attraction of the frontier and the faith that man places in technological advancement. In particular, his work addresses the myth of the American Dream, exploring the forces of creation, growth, transcendence, and death through visions of its failed utopia.

‘For me everything is handmade. I am primarily interested in the resolution of what is being made from the crude to machine perfection.’
—Matthew Day Jackson

Throughout Jackson’s oeuvre, process and materiality as a conduit for meaning has been a recurrent theme. His still life paintings are entirely composed of artificial and manufactured materials such as Formica, plywood and epoxy. These materials have a personal resonance for Jackson and are imbued with memories from his past and his own ‘American experience’. The use of these substances is a meditation on the domestic environment, aspiration, class and impermanence.

Still Life and the Reclining Nude

Inside his New York studio, Matthew Day Jackson discusses his interdisciplinary practice that explores a myriad of aspects of human experience and draws from sources that reveal both our intrinsic inventiveness and its counter-point, our ongoing capacity for destruction. Filmed ahead of his 2018 exhibition, ‘Still Life and the Reclining Nude’, where Jackson debuted his series of still life paintings.