Matthew Weiderspon

Matthew Weiderspon is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Raised on a small family ranch in Colorado, Mew later received degrees in visual art (BFA) and landscape architecture (BSLA) from Colorado State University in 2015. Mew is currently working as a floral designer at Saffron in Brooklyn and pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at Hunter College.

sun burns long

Installation in three adjacent spaces
Dimensions variable

Being with Mew’s scattered floor dispersals, calling sounds, and bodily gestures asks viewers to take a closer look at the situated and relational material intimacies of a rural, familial, femme disorientation. In an affective poetics of approximation, the material and performative echoes of these spatial suggestions mark a present past of loss. Queering scale, association, and spatial orientation, the work also prompts reconsiderations of hope in precarious conditions. Drawing inspiration from environmental and queer theorists, the work engages possibilities for being in kinship with the material world of soil types, aggregates, seeds, branches, bones, twine, and animal calls and movements.


Ink on newsprint paper
27.94 x 21.59 cm / 11 x 8 1/2 in

divining wishes

Ceramic dice, partially composted horse shit, bovine knucklebones, asphalt, gravel stones, Bullhead Sticker seed, thistle flowers, Dock seed, polypropylene bailing twine, medical tape, waterside sand, cement, and/or rust on gallery floor
Dimensions variable

Hunter MFA

This spring, the Hunter College MFA Program in Studio Art will graduate 26 artists who completed their degree over the challenging months of the COVID-19 pandemic. These talented MFA Thesis Candidates are exhibiting their work in six group exhibitions at 205 Hudson, in addition to this online spotlight hosted by Hauser & Wirth. At time when the public audience for in-person exhibitions has been limited by the pandemic, we are excited to provide this digital platform to the emerging artists from Hunter College’s MFA Program in Studio Art.

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