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In Focus: LA Artists
8 July – 22 August 2021

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Hauser & Wirth spotlights its Los Angeles artists with a multimedia group presentation of nearly 30 artworks. ‘In Focus: LA Artists’ showcases the groundbreaking techniques, diverse viewpoints, and intergenerational relationships of the gallery artists who call one of the world’s most creative cities home: Larry Bell, Mark Bradford, Charles Gaines, Richard Jackson, Paul McCarthy, Christina Quarles, Gary Simmons, Henry Taylor, Diana Thater, and the late artists Luchita Hurtado, Mike Kelley, and Jason Rhoades.

Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades, Richard Jackson and Iwan Wirth at the locomotive shed in St. Gallen, December 1998

Highlights will include the West Coast debut of Mark Bradford’s ‘Untitled’ (2020), recently exhibited in the powerful group exhibition ‘Grief and Grievance’ at the New Museum in New York, as well as Bradford’s video work ‘Dancing in the Street’ (2019), which was included in the artist’s solo exhibition ‘End Papers’ at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Other highlights will include Mike Kelley’s multimedia sculpture ‘Party Girl’ (1998), Jason Rhoades’ irreverent sculptures from the ‘90s, a visually opulent video work by Diana Thater, a recent Numbers and Trees gridwork by Charles Gaines, and paintings by Luchita Hurtado, Paul McCarthy, and Henry Taylor.

Mark Bradford, Untitled (detail), 2020

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The presentation will also shine a light on the intergenerational, mentor-mentee relationships between the gallery’s LA artists, most of whom have studied and taught at the city’s esteemed art schools. Both Paul McCarthy and Richard Jackson taught Jason Rhoades at UCLA. Charles Gaines, among CalArts’ most influential educators for over 30 years, taught Mark Bradford, Henry Taylor, and Gary Simmons, who was also mentored by Mike Kelley at CalArts in the 1990s. While at ArtCenter, Kelley also was a teacher for Diana Thater, who has in turn taught legions of up-and-coming artists at the revered Pasadena-based school.

Rachel Khedoori, Jason Rhoades and Richard Jackson in Venice, 1999

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Selections from the group presentation will be featured in the gallery’s digital offering as part of the Frieze Viewing Room, online from 27 July – 1 August 2021. ‘In Focus: LA Artists’ will also be on view during the inaugural Gallery Weekend Los Angeles, a weekend organized by Gallery Association Los Angeles to encourage visitors to return to physical gallery spaces throughout the city in the new post-pandemic summer 2021 season.

Jason Rhoades with The Future is Filled with Opportunities (Ridable Steer) behind the artist’s studio in Inglewood California 1995

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Hauser & Wirth opened its first Los Angeles location in March 2016 in the heart of the burgeoning Downtown Los Angeles Arts District at 901 East 3rd Street. Occupying the former Globe Mills flour mill complex comprised of late 19th and early 20th century buildings, Hauser & Wirth Arts District is a vibrant communal space that links art and architecture with a dynamic events program.

Globe Grain and Milling Company

The Globe Mills site was restored by Los Angeles real estate company Creative Space LA in consultation with Annabelle Selldorf, Principal of Selldorf Architects. In 2018, Hauser & Wirth Arts District was awarded the Chair’s Award, Los Angeles Conservancy’s highest honor recognizing the importance of preserving historic landmarks that make the city unique. The complex features Manuela, the onsite restaurant offering seasonal, locally-sourced produce, and an open-air courtyard and garden, a gallery shop, and ARTBOOK’s first store in Los Angeles.

Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles, 2019

On View in Los Angeles

In Focus: LA Artists’ is now open at limited capacity Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm. Free entry. No booking necessary.

Please join us on Saturday, July 31 for a day of food, music, books, and exclusive offers as part of the inaugural festivities celebrating Gallery Weekend Los Angeles.

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